Tuesday, July 15

Genuine Reproduction Guaranteed!

No Pradai or Prado here. (See the movie "Serendipity" for the joke)

Photo actually taken in Istanbul... but I couldn't resist posting it here.


Joni said...

OH man. I saw the title of this post and thought you were talking about something WAY different.


Love you ;)

Rachel EM said...

HAHAHAHHAHA. Nope. Sorry, Joni. And sorry to everyone else who thought I was making reference to something...not involving the reproduction of wrist chronometers.

Alicia said...

Nice, Rachel...nice!

Heather said...

Update, please. thanks.

Heather said...

again I say, update. I have a 6 month policy that says that if one doesn't update their blog in a 6 month time period, deletion of the blog must occur from my blog. 4 more months of null and I must delete this blog. I must...it's too painful to come here everyday and see nothing new.