Monday, December 22

I was here.

I spent four wonderful months in the Holy Land. The experience was worth the struggle of four simultaneous jobs and full credit hours for a year before I could afford it. It was worth every penny. It was worth it all. Worth it for so many reasons. Thanks for reading my blog, it has been a pleasure to share some of my joys with you.

You may see the world for its enticing tourist allure. This is different. It will permeate your thoughts forever afterward. You'll never forget it. If you have the means and a desire to go, I encourage you to GO. Forget about London, Florence, Vienna, or Moscow; forget Sri Lanka and the Caribbean. So many have spoken to me about my experience and said "I've always wanted to do that," when I know they've gone other places instead. I tell you it won't happen until you choose for it become a priority. If you have the means, GO.

Afraid to pick your way through the dangerous and foreboding Middle East? Pittsburgh is more dangerous than Jerusalem. For that matter, so is Paris. Afraid that a terrorist attack will strike when you're there? You should be more worried about a car accident, it is much more likely to happen. Don't know your way around? Join a tour group--there are many, the guides know their stuff, and you'll love traveling in a group of people you can relate to.

If you have the means and a desire to go, GO. It will be easier to get there than you think.


The Cooks said...

You are amazing. This post made me just cry. Cry because of all of the beautiful things you were able to see and do, for all of the memories you will have for eternity, and because I am so glad you are making the most of your time in college and making the most of BYU.

Rachel EM said...

Thanks Buddy. : ) Really, Melissa, that means a lot.

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